Measuring Devices


standard hole gauge spray drying nozzles

The standard hole gauge is a simple tool to quickly determine a diameter. It’s useful for the maintenance people to have one available to double check the orifices before they install them in the spray dryer. The reading basically works the same as a caliper.

The standard measuring device is:

  • Width range: 0 to 5 mm (mm only)
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use

Download “How to measure the orifice disc”

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Double ended pin gauges

Double ended pin gauge

The double ended pin gauge is a simple tool to check if the orifice disc is worn out or not. Each gauge has a GO and a NO-GO side with a 0.02 tolerance.  The GO side should fit in the orifice disc, the NO-GO side should not. If the NO-GO side fits, the orifice disc has worn out and needs to be replaced.

For every hole size of the orifice disc, a double ended pin gauge is available. They can be ordered individually and do not need to be purchased in a set of multiple sizes. When ordering the product, please make sure to pick the exact size, even a difference of 0.02 mm will have a negative influence on your spray drying process.

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