Fire Safety Atomizing Nozzle

The Fire Safety Atomizing Nozzle is specifically designed to address concerns about fire or explosion in a spray drying system. Compared to all existing housings, this body and adapter system offers some real benefits and features.

  • Fire safety housing design reduces risk of fire or explosion
  • Significantly reduces the chance of leakage and clogging (build-up)
  • Flexible design housing, one unique part fits all major nozzle types
  • Fits any spray dryer
  • Special quality material (anti-seize), longer wear
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Original Bodies and Adapters

Original major brand nozzles are available in a variety of models and options for each nozzle series. For example: Check valve assembly, Cone face body, Butt weld adapter, etc. All body and adapter parts can be ordered separately in any quantity.

  • 100% original part
  • Improved product quality
  • Material: Stainless Steel 316
  • Delivery mostly from stock at competitive prices
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